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How to Remove Stretch Marks on your Body - 9 Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Within 2 Weeks Naturally

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in your Body

Tips Remove Stretch Marks Within 2 Weeks Naturally

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The term stretch marks also known as 'Striae Atrophicae' by the dermatologists. The Starch Marks in the human body is mainly triggered due to the sudden growth in body weight. When the weight of the human body increases, the skin also needs to enlarge but the skin has restricted elasticity. When this bodyweight growth goes beyond the elasticity, we can see some white or silver-colored fine lines on the surface of the body.

These fine lines on the human body is called stretch marks or the striae. Among the females, the starch marks mostly occur due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, and puberty. In the case of men, the main reasons for the starch marks are sudden weight gain and excessive workouts at the fitness centre.

Many of us want to remove these fine lines on our body so we have decided to share some Home remedies to remove starch marks within 2-3 Weeks. Try to implement these Home care tips to remove fine lines(Starch Marks) on your body.

How to remove Stretch Marks

Here are some tips that need to be considered in order to remove these unwanted lines on your body naturally within 2 to 3 weeks:

By Intaking More Zinc Enriched Food Items : One who have starch marks on his/her body one must eat those foods which are rich in zinc. It benefits a lot in the formation of new skin tissues.

Some of the items that are rich in zinc enlist oysters, shellfish, wheat germ, bran cereals, pine nuts and pecan nuts. Try to eat these type of food items which are enriched with Zinc Substance on regular basis up to 2-3 weeks.

Vitamin E: This method is used to cure all types of skin issues. You can massage the affected area with vitamin E oil. Also you can have diet that is rich in this nutrient.

Some of the items include sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, hazelnuts, almonds, mayonnaise, peanuts, popcorn, etc. are enriched with Vitamin E. Try to introduce these food items in your regular eating routine up to 2-3 weeks to remove starch marks on your body.

Vitamin A & CVitamin A helps in strengthening the skin tissues and vitamin C add glow to the newly formed cells. Together they make a perfect diet to cure stretch marks.

The Food list which are enriched with Vitamin A and C includes carrots, citrus fruits, milk, potatoes, mangoes, etc. Try to introduce these types of food items in your regular diet.

Castor oil: You have to apply a thick layer of castor oil on the affected body part and tie it with a plastic sheet. After that you have apply heat on it for 20 to 40 minutes using a hot water bottle or the heating pad.

The one who have Starch Marks on his/her body must to do it once in a day for at least 7 days continuously.

Aloe vera: Aloe Vera gel has many benefits. This Gel also help in removing starch marks on human body.

Blend aloe vera gel or butter with vitamin E oil and olive oil. Apply this mixture once or twice a day regularly up to 2-3 weeks to remove starch marks.

Cocoa butter: The one who have starch marks can also massage the affected area on the body at least once in a day with cocoa butter. This is conventional and perhaps the most recommended home care tip to get rid of the striae within 2-3 weeks.

Shea butter: It is used just like the cocoa butter and is certainly worth a try to remove starch marks. It has no side effects and shows assured results within one or two weeks.

Water: Drinking more water in a day helps in maintaining the necessary moisture of the skin. You must have at least 10 glasses of water per day.

Stretch mark creams: You can apply natural creams and lotions that comprise of all the above-mentioned ingredients. One of the most popular stretch mark removal cream is  Captiva. 

This cream is one of the most effective anti-stretch marks creams that contain all the above ingredients. This ointment has marvelous nourishing and healing properties. It can effortlessly repair your damaged skin by exciting the production of collagen and elastin in your dermis.

Try these methods to remove starch marks on your body. Easy Home remedies to remove stretch marks easily in a natural way. Thank you for reading this tricky Health Article. We will share more information related to Health Care tips with your readers on a regular basis. Do subscribe to our page. Eat Healthy and Stay Fit always.

7 Anti Aging Foods - How to slow down aging process

7 Anti Aging Foods

How to slow down aging process

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We may say that anti-aging is one of the most terrifying things to all men on earth. Indications of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and lifeless skin do scare the hell out not only women but also men.

Moreover, the risks of having diseases which are automatically related to the aging factor will be increased. Luckily, we can slow down the aging progression by altering our eating habits. For that, we can eat healthier diets containing many assortments of antioxidants.

This Health care article is all about what you have to eat to slow down your aging effects in your body. Some essential Food which is very valuable in slowing down aging.

Let’s take a look at the Best Anti Aging Foods
ü Avocados
The first name which we want to include in this list of top superfoods for fighting aging is a juicy fruit named avocado. Avocado is one of the best anti-aging food which helps you in a lot of ways.
The reason why avocado is well known is its tasty gooey flesh that can make many delicious dishes and its super healthy benefits, especially the slowing down aging abilities.
How it helps in slowing down Aging: Bursting with the high amounts of vitamins A, avocados can remove dead cells and replace them with new ones. As a result, your skin will be nourished.
As well as Avocados also contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and biotin which are really good for your skin, nails, and hair. Therefore, consuming more avocados in a day is a simple way to help you have a younger look.
ü Blueberries
In addition to treating some other skin problems, such as blemishes removal, blueberries are one of the most effective treatments to help fight aging. Blueberry is a nutrition-packed food that can restrain the aging process.

How this food help: The key in this food for the aging issue is a kind of antioxidants in Blueberries which are called flavonoids. Flavonoids can neutralize free radicals in the human body, so your skin will be supported to be healthier and more youthful.
This food also contains anthocyanins and vitamin C which can reduce cellular aging. In addition, these brilliant berries can also enhancement/boost memory, which is very beneficial for those who are at risk of functional impairment due to the aging factor.
ü Spinach
In addition to the above top healthy eating for fighting aging, spinach is obviously a great choice. Being rich in antioxidants, spinach can help reduce the risks of having diseases which are related to aging issues, which are including vision conditions and bone degeneration.

Otherwise, the high levels of important nutrients can bring to your body many benefits against aging.
For example, vitamin A contents in spinach have skin moisturizing abilities. Plus, spinach is really rich in natural fibre so that your system can pull toxins out of the body.
As a result, spinach is considered as an excellent blood purifier. Because of all these vital composites, spinach is unconditionally a superfood that can impede premature aging and stay away from these dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
ü Raspberries
Just like blueberries and other berries such as blackberries, mulberries, and cranberries, raspberries are also on your back to deal with aging.
This red fruit is busted with high levels of vitamin C, ellagic acid, and flavonoids that can slow down the dying process of the body’s cells. In addition, the high amounts of antioxidants in the super berries will support you to stay away from harmful bacteria.
ü Guava
You may surprise that guava fruit is a mind-blowing pack of vitamin C. The level of vitamin C loading in guava is 6 times more than this amount in orange.
This dazzling vitamin is very famous for its skin supportive potentials. If you have an intaking high amount of vitamin C, your skin appearance will be boosted wonderfully because it helps the collagen production. Consuming more guava in your daily diet is a really good way to fight aging.
ü Tomatoes
It would be a big blunder if we did not remark tomatoes among the top healthy eating for fighting aging. Being enriched with lycopene, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants, this beautiful red fruit is an excellent natural treatment for anti-aging.
As a lot of you know, sunlight contains lots of really harmful UV radiation, which is one of the most common reasons for aging. Luckily, we already have tomatoes as a natural sunblock that can strengthen your skin so that all the UV radiation be less harmful.
As a result, adding this fruit to your diet for better health and looks, which do not have sun spots, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Furthermore, tomatoes can control cholesterol levels so that it can protect you from having a heart or even other cancers.
Drink a cup of tomato juice every single day is really a tasty and healthy choice for your skin and your body system.
ü Salmon
Last but not least, salmon it is a Best Foods for Anti-Aging Skin, which is a non-veggie element, is listed as a choice for changing eating habits for fighting aging effects.

Like any other oily fish such as tuna and sardines, salmon is very famous for its high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which are really good at controlling cholesterol level in the arteries, protecting against abnormal heart rhythms, thereby, they can delay the aging process.
In addition, salmon contains high contents of anti-inflammations and protein so that you can stay away from blemishes, acne breakouts.

If every one of us has a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating than no diseases will harm us. Healthy eating leads to good immunity in the body which leads to a fit body. 

So eat healthily and stay fit always. Thank you for reading this Tricky Health article. We will share more with your readers so follow us @TrickyHealth on Instagram.



DRY SKIN CARE TIPSDry skin is the most common skin problem, especially in the winters. The main reason for the dry skin is the improper function of the sebaceous glands in the body, sebaceous glands secrete the sebum which is an oily product & helps in maintaining the skin hydration level. 

When the sebaceous glands in the skin do not produce sufficient sebum then it results in the dry skin. The main symptoms of the dry skin are itching, irritation, cracking & fine lines on the skin on the skin. 

This problem of dry skin is not life -long, it can be cured by applying the various home tips which are available easily in the home. There are various causes of dry skin but the temperature change is the main cause. Some of the causes and the healthy home tips are suggested below:

1). The environment changes: The main reason for the dry skin is temperature means season changes. In winter dry skin is a common problem because of the low levels of temperature and humidity in the environment. The moisture in the skin goes out in the winter season and makes the skin dry in this season. Try to use the moisturizers for skincare in the winter.

2). Dehydration: dehydration means low water levels in the body. The low water level in the body also results in dry skin so drink lots of water in a day.

3). Vitamin Deficiency: The improper supply of vital vitamins like A, C, and vitamin E causes dry skin. These vitamins help in maintaining the skin moisture so have the foods rich of vitamin A, C and E like green leafy vegetables, fruits, egg, chicken, yoghurt, lemon, orange etc. Take the proper diet to combat the dry skin.

4). Long sun exposure: Long sun exposure results in dry skin and skin discoloration because the UV radiation in the sun absorbs the moisture from the skin and leaves the skin dry.

5). Extended baths: Some of the people take the bath frequently means 3 to 4 times in a day which can lead to dry skin. Using too much hot water for the bath is also the main cause of dry skin because the hot water absorbs the skin moisture and makes the skin dry, so avoid too much-extended & too much hot & cold baths.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Various Health care tips that you can use to get rid of this Dry Skin problem. These Home remedies can be performing at home with very easy with almost at a very low-cost rate.
USE OF TOMATO: Grind the fresh tomato and 2-3 small pieces of ripe papaya in blender and make the smooth paste. Apply this smooth paste all over the dry skin, face and as it get dried wash it off with the Luke-warm water. This health tips or this Home remedies will surly work for you and make your skin soft.
USE OF ALMONDS: Soak the 6 -7 almonds over night & in the morning make the almonds into smooth paste and add one table spoon of milk & one table spoon of honey to the almond paste. Apply this paste on the dry face & skin, after 15 minutes rinse it off with tap water. Use this home tip regularly for the better result.
USE OF BANANA: Take one ripe banana and mesh the banana and add 1 table spoon of honey to the banana. Apply this paste on the face & wash it off after 10 minutes. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and banana helps in retaining the moisture inside the skin. For best result use this home tip regularly for 2 weeks.
USE OF ALMOND OIL: Application of almond oil on the dry skin every night before going to bed can also help in get rid of dry skin as the almond is a natural moisturiser and helps in maintaining the skin moisture.
USE OF ALOEVERA: Apply the fresh aloe Vera gel evenly over the dry skin and as it get dried then rinse it off with Luke warm water. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturiser and it gives hydration to the skin &also maintains the skin moisture.

Continue your visit with Tricky Health Education for more Home Remedies and HEALTH Care Tips.

HEALTH CARE TIPS TO GET RID OF DARK UNDERARMS : 10 Skin Care Tips to Remove Dark Underarms

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms
Having dark underarms than the other body parts coloration is very embarrassing for someone. If you want to get rid of this then firstly you should have knowledge that why these occur and what are the wrong practices which cause them. So here are some wrong practices which cause them:
1). Shaving the underarms area is the main caget rid of dark underarmsuse of underarms darkening. Underarms hairs are thicker, coarser and generally darker than the other body parts hairs but after shaving the armpit area the small stalks (hairs) which are left under the surface of skin are much more in number & are much harder. Over prolonged habit of shaving the underarm skin becomes dark because of the hairs that are left.
2). Using too much creams, lotions, deodorants on your underarms is also the main cause of the underarms darkening, this is because of the chemicals that are used in the preparation of these products. Using the products that contains the alcohol & other chemicals cause the skin allergy; in response to this our body initiates the immune system to protect the body cells which leads to the defence mechanism. Because of this defence mechanism the skin becomes more thickened (hyperkeratosis) & hyper pigmented. So avoiding these products can help you in preventing skin darkening.
* There are various topical creams & ointments that are used widely to treat the underarms darkening. These creams or lotions inhibit (stop) the melanin production; melanin is the pigment that causes the skin darkening, so inhibiting this pigment can prevents the underarms darkening.
* Using various chemical peels that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) are commonly used to treat the underarms these peel offs peel the darkened upper layer of the skin leaving the underneath brighten skin.
* LASER therapy is also effective in removing the outer damaged layer of the skin leaving the underneath brighten skin.
There are various simple home remedies that you can use in your home settings very easily. There are many products that can help in treating the underarm darkness & they are easily available at your home. 

The main significance of these home remedies is that these are easily available, affordable & are cost-effective but for the better result, you have to use these home tips regularly as these take some time for better results. These are as follows:

1st Tips: POTATO USE: Scrubbing the armpit area with a thin slice of potato is very much effective in treating the dark underarms. Potato acts as a bleaching agent because of its mild acidity & helps in getting rid of dark armpits. Applying the potato juice is also effective, apply the potato juice &after drying wash it with lukewarm water. Frequently repeat this home tip to get rid of underarms darkness & see the results with your own eyes.

2nd Tips: APPLE USE: Using mashed apple to the affected area is also effective in treating the underarms darkness. As apple is the main source of AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) so helps in (exfoliating) removing the upper damaged layer of the skin. Using this home tip frequently can help in lightening the skin within few days.

3rd Tips: LEMON USE: Applying the lemon juice to the affected area is also useful home tip to get rid of dark armpit. Lemon has the same acidic property as that of potato and helps in removing the damaged, dark upper layer of the skin, but the acidic property of the lemon is more than that of potato so always use a moisturizer to prevent the dryness. You can also use the lemon juice with turmeric paste to the affected area for the better result.

4th Tips: CUCUMBER USE: Cucumber because of its natural bleaching agent can be used to remove the darkness of underarms. You can use cucumber slices &rub on the affected surface for the effective result.

5th Tips: COCONUT OIL: massage the coconut oil on the area for 10 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water. Coconut oil is very much effective in removing the darkness of the underarms because it contains high vitamin E content.

6th Tips: BAKING SODA: Apply a thick paste of baking soda mixed with water then after drying wash the area with lukewarm water. This remedy helps to remove the dead skin, opens the skin pores & lighten the skin.

7th Tips: VINEGAR: vinegar has anti bacterial & lightening property that’s why it can be used to kill the smell producing bacteria or germs. Apply the thick paste of vinegar & rice flour to the affected area & after drying wash it with lukewarm water. Frequently use this remedy for the effective use.

8th Tips: SANDALWOOD: Apply the thick paste of sandalwood & rosewater then wait for few minutes before washing it with cold water. Sandalwood is very effective & gives quick results if it is used on the regular basis.

9th Tips: YOGURT: Yogurt can be used to kill the germs or lighten the skin by removing the dead the cells. Using this remedy on the regular basis can be beneficial for removing the darkness of underarms.

10th Tips: HONEY: Apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area & then wait for its effective sticking to the area & after it dries wash it with lukewarm water. Honey is having anti bacterial, soothing & lightening property that’s why it is used most commonly.

By using all the above home skincare tips you can get rid of dark underarms. These remedied are easily available, affordable & cost effective. For the better results you have to work hard & use these regularly. These methods are really helpful in getting rid of the dark underarms without any side effect.

HOME HEALTH CARE TIPS TO REMOVE DARK CIRCLES : How to get rid of Eyes Dark Circle ?

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles
how to remove dark circlesDark circles are the dark skin around the eyes. When the color of the skin around the eyes becomes dark than the color of the remaining face skin then this condition is called as dark circles. This is the more common problem in the both men & women. 

This is not a serious condition & some of the home remedies can help to get rid of these dark circles. In medical terms, it is well known as the “periorbital dark circles”. The main cause of this condition is the skin changes that occur as the people get aged. 

During the ageing process the collagen that maintains the skin turgidity is lost & because of that the skin losses its elasticity & the blood vessels under the skin surface become more visible & the skin becomes dark. Except this there are many reasons that cause the dark circles, these are as follows:

1). HEREDITY: Heredity is the most common cause of the dark circles means this problem runs in the families as it is related to the skin texture. 

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest because of this the blood vessels around the eyes are more visible & give the skin a dark bluish coloration called dark circles. As the skin texture is hereditary so the thin-skinned people are more prone to have dark circles.

2). ANEMIA: Anemia is the main cause of dark circles. Anemia is the medical term is a condition in which there is iron deficiency because of an improper diet. Because of anemia there is the insufficient blood supply to the tissues and the tissues will not get the oxygen supply which cause the skin to become dark means the dark circles.

3). MEDICATIONS: Some of the medications cause the allergies & puffiness because of this the blood supply to the area is impaired causing the dark circles. Some medications also cause blood vessel dilation which leads to dark circles.

4). ALLERGIES: Allergies to some of the particular season or the foods can lead to dark circles; because of the allergy there is itching in the eyes which give rise to dark circles. People diseased by HAY FEVER are commonly at risk to develop dark circles during the allergy season.

5). LIFESTYLE BEHAVIOUR: Some of the people who are habitual to smoking & drinking are at a greater risk to develop dark circles.

6). DURATION OF SUN EXPOSURE: People who are exposed to sunlight for a prolonged time without a break are prone to develop dark circles. Intense sun exposure leads to more melanin production in the skin which gives the skin a dark coloration & results in dark circles around the eyes.
7). HYPER PIGMENTION: In some people, there is more melanin production around the eyes as compared to other body parts which lead to dark circles. This condition in medical terms is known as “peri-orbital hyperpigmentation.”

There are various natural health tips which you can try to get rid of dark circles. These natural health tips are available easily at your own home settings which are cost-effective for you. The most important thing about these natural home remedies is that you have to practice these regularly for a better result as these take time for their effectiveness. These natural home tips are as follows:

· LEMON JUICE: Application of lemon juice is also helpful in removing the Dark circles. Apply the lemon juice around your eyes with the help of cotton balls & let it dry for an hour then wipe it with a damp cloth. Do this home remedy for two to three times in a day & this will help in the removal of dark circles as the lemon has a natural bleaching property as well is a rich source of vitamin C.

· GREEN APPLE: Green apple is a rich source of potassium, vitamin B & C and is very helpful in removing the dark circles. Apply the paste of boiled green apple around the eyes & let it dry for an hour & then wash it with lukewarm water.

· RIPE APPLES: You can also use ripe apple thin slices directly on the eyes to get rid of dark circles as the ripe apples are a good source of tannin which helps in lightening your skin.

· ADEQUATE SLEEP: Inadequate sleeping pattern is a major cause of dark circles. A person should have a sleep time minimum of seven hours during night time. Adequate sleep time is required to give rest to the eyes. So for removing dark circles a person should have adequate and sound sleep.

· TURMERIC: Turmeric paste is very effective in removing the dark circles as turmeric has an anti-inflammatory, oxidant & healing property. You can use turmeric as making a thick paste of turmeric powder and pine apple juice. Apply this paste around your eyes, leave it for 10-15 minutes & then wipe it with a damp cloth. Repeat this remedy frequently for a better result.

· CUCUMBER: Cucumber is very helpful in removing the dark circles because of its cooling & soothing property. You can use cucumber in two ways; either you can apply cucumber juice around the eyes or you can apply thin cucumber slices directly on the eyes. Dip two clean cotton balls in cucumber juice & place them on each eye for 10 minutes. Frequently repeat this remedy for good results. You can also apply thin cucumber slices on the eyes to get rid of dark circles.

· MINT: Mint has a cooling property. You can apply the mint leaves juice around the eyes with the help of cotton balls or you can make a paste of turmeric & mint leaves juice. Leave this paste for 10 minutes & then wipe it with a damp cloth. Frequent use of this remedy can help in removing the dark circles to a greater extent.

· ROSE WATER: Rosewater has cooled, rejuvenating & skincare properties and is an easy & effective way to remove the dark circles. Apply the rose water on your close eyes with the help of clean cotton balls. This will help in reducing the dark circles within a few days.

· YOGA & MEDITATION: Stress is the main cause of dark circles. Yoga & meditation will help in reducing the stress by keeping the mind relax & peaceful. Practicing yoga and meditation on a regular base will help in reducing stress as well the dark circles.

· POTATO: Potato is having a natural bleaching property so helps in lightening the skin so potato application on the dark circles can help to get rid of dark circles. Apply the thin slices of raw potato on your close eyes & leave it for 10 minutes. This is the most effective and easy way to get rid of dark circles.

· ALMOND OIL: You can use almond oil around the eyes at bedtime, leave it overnight & wash in the morning. This will help in removing the dark circles if used regularly.

These all home remedies are very beneficial in getting rid of dark circles and are easily available at home. Just follow these home beauty tips & feel good as there is no matter to worry about the dark circles.


As we all know that Prevention is better than cure, so everyone should be aware of the causes & prevention of skin cancer so that we can take effective measures to prevent themselves from skin cancer so one should follow the preventive measures which we have already discussed in the previous article. To read that one article you can CLICK HERE to get access to the previous articles.

The goal of treatment is to eradicate the tumor. The treatment of skin cancer depends upon the tumor location, involved cell type, depth, invasion, metastasis (spreading of the tumor to another organ) & cosmetic desire of the client. The treatment is of the following two types:
SURGICAL TREATMENT: The primary goal of surgical tSKIN CANCER TREATMENTreatment is to remove the tumor cell totally & also involves the some of the normal skin. In this the tumor is excised and the skin is sutured in layers to enhance the cosmetic appearance, if the tumor is large then grafting is done means skin graft is taken from another site & grafted there. Here are some of the surgical procedures which can be done to treat the skin cancer:
  • Mohs’ microscopic surgery: This type of surgical procedure is most accurate method of skin cancer treatment. In this procedure the tumor is removed layer by layer, first layer removes all the tumor skin & small margin of the normal appearing cell & then the cells are frozen & analysed microscopically to determine whether all the tumor cells are removed or not, if not removed then the further surrounding cells excision is done keeping in mind the cosmetic appearance.
  • Electro surgery: This type of surgical procedure is done for the tumor cells having diameter less than 2cm. in this the tumor tissue is destroyed by using the electric energy. The current is converted to heat which is then applied to the tumor tissue usually after scrapping the area with a curette. In this procedure healing occurs within one month.
  • Cryosurgery: In this type of surgical procedure the tumor tissue is destroyed by freezing it. A thermocouple needle is used & liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the tumor cells. The tumor tissue is frozen, allow to thaw & then refrozen again, in this way the tumor destruction takes place. In this procedure healing occurs within one to two months.
RADIATION THERAPY: In radiation therapy the high energy rays such as x-rays or the particles such as electron or protons are used to kill the tumor cells. This is a painless procedure but require frequent course of radiations. Radiation therapy is beneficial for the patients who are not fit for the surgery because of the poor health or it is used as a primary treatment for large tumors to reduce their surface area. Radiation therapy can be used before the surgery or after the surgery as an adjuvant to completely remove the tumor.
Stay Healthy………..Smile
We will continue with our Medical Health Education to aware the World regarding the various health problems….


UntitledAs our on-going topic is on medical education on Skin Cancer now in this post we are going to elaborate various risk factors along with sign and Symptoms for skin cancer. If you want to read our previous article on the “What is Skin Cancer” you can CLICK HERE to get the access.
These are the factors which increase the chances of skin cancer means they aggravate the existing or the occurrence of a disease. These risk factors may be environmental or hereditary. A person can change his/her life style to get rid of these risk factors. So here are some of the risk factors which increase the chances to get skin cancer:
FAIR SKIN PEOPLE: People having Fair skin, fair hairs, blue eyes are more prone to have skin cancer because these people have insufficient skin pigmentation to protect the underlying tissues from the harmful radiations & they get affected by ultraviolet radiations very easily & have skin cancer easily.
SUN EXPOSURE: The people who are having chronic sun exposure means the people who are exposed to sun since a long time such as in some type of occupations like farming, laboring etc. are more prone to have skin cancer.
CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS: Exposure of workers to some factory chemicals such as arsenic, nitrates, coal, tar, oils, paraffin etc increases the chances to get the skin cancer.
ELDERLY PEOPLE: Elderly people are prone to have skin cancer because they are having sun damaged skin due to prolong exposure to sun & due to ageing factors.
PREVIOUS X-RAY THERAPY: people who are having a history of previous x-ray therapy for acne treatment etc are at a increased risk to get skin cancer.
GENETIC FACTORS: People who are having first or second degree relatives with skin cancer they are also at an increased risk to have skin cancer because the cancerous gene can transfer from parents to children.
The features of skin cancer depends upon the different types of the cells which they involve so some of the features of skin cancer according to the cell or tissue involvement are here, which a person can identify only by seeing them:
Basal cell carcinoma usually begins as a small, waxy nodule with rolled, pearly borders & usually appears in the most sun exposed area. As these nodules grow they undergo crusting & these are usually not spread to surrounding structures.
Squamous cell carcinomas develop from the epidermis & are of greater concern because in these chances of metastasis are more. These are usually appear on sun damaged area but may be developed from the normal skin. These appear as rough, thickened, scaly tumor that may be symptom free or may involve bleeding. Therclip_image002e is more inflammation (swelling) at the borders of these tumors as compared to basal cell carcinoma & are also wider. Exposed area especially upper extremities, face, lower lip, ears, nose & forehead are common sites.
Malignant melanomas are characterized by brown, black mixed with gray, blue black or white circular lesions with irregular borders. The margins of the lesion may be flat or elevated. Some types of malignant melanomas are also spherical, blueberry shaped with a smooth, uniform surface. These can be described as a blood blister that fails to resolve. These types of melanomas invade the dermis so these are metastatic means spread from one site (organ) to another site & this is the reason that the cure rate of this type of skin cancer is very poor.
In our Next Medical Health Education article we are going to discussed Various Treatment Techniques to get rid of Skin Cancer. So we with us continuously and we will post very soon….