Diabetes Risks Factors and Health Care tips for Diabetic Patient - Find the Answer of a Common Question: “Is Diabetes Genetic?”

Genetic Diabetes Risks Factors

Common Question among all people: “Is Diabetes Genetic?”

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Diabetes is a group of disorders mainly having the symptoms of hyperglycemia that means an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. A common question among many people is Diabetes Genetic? We are going to answer this question below in this health care article. 

First of all, we are going to explain about the various type of Diabetes after that we are going to explain the question and then various risk factors related to diabetes.

 There are mainly two types of diabetes:
·       Type 1 diabetes and
·       Type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. In this type of Diabetes, the patient required insulin injection on a regular basis. In type 1 Diabetes there is autoimmune destruction of the beta cell of the pancreas and lifelong insulin therapy is the only treatment for the disease without external isoline injection patients cant survive.

Type 2 diabetes: This type of diabetes is known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by an impaired secretion of insulin and peripheral insulin resistance. This type of diabetes can be managed with diet, exercise, oral hypoglycemic agents and sometimes external isoline injections.

It has been known that TYPE-2 Diabetes is inherited. Many of the family studies have revealed that first degree relatives of the individual having T2D is more likely to develop the disease than the individual who is not having a family history of Diabetes.
is diabetes genetic

Is Diabetes Genetic?

Genetics plays a vital role in the development of these two types of diabetes. In first degree relatives (Blood Relation) there is a high risk of developing type 1 diabetes. That means Diabetes can be transferred from parents to their children. But there are rare chances where environmental factors also contribute to developing diabetes problems.

Conclusion of the question is Diabetes Genetic?: By reading the above paragraph we come to know that diabetes can be genetic as well as environmental.

Various Risk Factors Related to Genetic Diabetes: Inherit risk factors for diabetes are called predisposed risk factors for developing diabetic conditions. A study has shown that a group of rare genetic recessively inborn diabetes can genetically change functional genes in the human being.

The diabetes genetic studies show that the mutation of the functional genes sometimes causes Diabetes. The research results may show up in some rare diabetic syndromes that also hold recessive inheritance representations. Diabetic studies for these mutations have been conducted mainly in the section of inherited new-born diabetes syndrome.

Various Risk Factor that can Cause Diabetes:

1.   Physical Inactivity: The person who is physically inactive means the who are not engaged in daily physical work out and having a sedentary life style is more prone to develop Diabetes.

2.   First Degree Relative with Debates Mellitus: First-degree relative means the person who is having a blood relation with a person who is having diabetes the problem is more likely to develop this problem with the passage of time.

3.   Some Ethnic Population Like American, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islanders are more prone to this disease condition.

4.   Women with GDM(Gestational Diabetes Mellitus): This means the women who are having diabetes during their pregnancy are more likely to develop this disease condition in their later life.

5.   Hypertension: The people having subsequent to the reading of BP(Blood Pressure) greater than 120/80 is more prone to the diabetes problem.

6.   Impaired Cholesterol Level: The people who are having HDL(High-Density Lipoprotein) less than 35mg/dl and triglycerides greater than 250mg per DL are more are having greater chances of developing sugar Problems.

7.   Obesity: The person who is having a BMI greater than 22 are more likely to develop Diabetes problems in the future.

Health Care tips for Diabetic Patients:

1.   First of all, who are suffering from the diabetic problem should maintain a healthy weight. If you are having extra fat in your body than you must try to lose that fat as soon as possible.

2. Avoid Sedentary Life Style. Get active and be regular in 30 Minutes physical activity every 24 Hours.

3.   Maintain healthier food choices, avoid snacks, Fried food, and Unhealthy diet. One must avoid taking high calories food in a day.

4.   One should do brisk walking every day at least for 30 minutes.

5.   Foot Care is Important: A diabetic patient must care for his/her feet because in diabetes there is a high chance of getting foot Ulcers. Don’t wash your feet in hot water, don’t walk barefooted.  Don’t put on the shoes that are too tight. Keep your feet moist.
·       Wash and access your feet on a regular basis.

·   Trim your Toe Nails each week. Trim your toenails straight across and file the edges with a nail file.

·       Protect your feet from the hot and cold environment.

·       Wear Shoes at the beach.

·       Wear Socks at night if your feet get cold.

6.   Avoid Smoking & Alcohol Consumption.

7.   Have a regular eye check-up because diabetes has a severe side effects on our eyesight.

8.   One must monitor their Blood Sugar level on a regular basis if you are suffering from high diabetes problem.

9.   Avoid stress because stress can also increase the blood sugar level.

10.                  Have a regular nephro(Kidney), cardio(Heart) checkup because diabetes can lead to damage to these body organs.

These two types of diabetes are genetic means inherited from parents to their offspring but the environmental factors also play a similar role as that of genetics in developing diabetes.

Important Information: The people who think that there is no family history of diabetes and they are not more prone to develop diabetes then they are totally wrong. They can also have diabetes problem as we already discussed above that environment also plays a vital role in developing diabetes.

Those who are free mind and having an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle can also suffer from diabetes problems in the later stage of their life. Everyone who cares about themselves and their family should have a healthy lifestyle to stay fit.

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