Home Remedies To Cure Low Blood Pressure

What Is Low Blood Pressure?

A continuous low blood pressure chome remedies for low blood pressurean be life threatening. Most of the people suffer from the low blood pressure. This is the most common problem among the elderly people. In medical terms it is called hypotension and is defined the blood pressure reading of 90 millimetres of mercury or less during systole and 60mm of mercury or less during diastole in continuous two readings by a health professional. Severe low blood pressure can be fatal as compared to the high blood pressure. When blood pressure is low the heart fails to pump the blood smoothly as a result of which brain fails to get adequate blood supply and cause fainting and all the organs fail to work properly in the absence of proper blood supply which leads to life threatening effects.
· Dizziness
· Vomiting sensation
· Fainting
· Light headache
· Dizziness when standing
Low blood pressure can be caused by many conditions which can be internal (bodily) or external (environment). These are:
1). Dehydration that can be because of :
· diarrhoea
· vomiting
· excessive exercises
· excessive sweating
· severe blood loss during any trauma
2).  Heart problems such as:
· Weak heart muscles
· Inflammation of heart muscles (pericarditis)
3).  Endocrine problems
4). Lack of nutrients in diet
5). Medications
6). Pregnancy.
Depending on the reason for low blood pressure, you can take certain preventive steps to avoid the symptoms and can use some home remedies to get rid of the symptoms.

Home Health Care tips to avoid low blood pressure

1). Add more Salt in your diet

Salt helps in maintaining your blood pressure. If you are complaining of low blood pressure continuously then add extra salt to your diet. You can also increase your salt intake by adding the salt to salad or your drinking water etc. If you are constantly having low blood pressure then you should mix half tea spoon of salt in a glass of water and then take it twice a day. Include more salt or salty foods in your diet. Salt helps to increase the blood pressure.

2). Honey
As the dizziness and headache are the first symptom of low blood sugar so as soon as you feel these symptoms then mix two tea spoons of honey and a pinch of salt in a glass of water and drink it for the immediate relief. The mixture of honey and salt helps in getting immediate relief from the low blood pressure.
3). Almond oil
Almond oil is an effective home remedy to treat the low blood pressure. Take a glass of milk and add two tea spoons of almond oil into it and then drink it every morning. You can also take grinded almonds mixed in a glass of milk. Take this every morning. This will help in increasing your low blood pressure.
4) Pomegranate
This is a traditionally used home remedy to cure low blood pressure. You can eat it as a fruit; can be used as salad or in the juice form as you want. Take it regularly for the better results.
5). Caffeinated drinks
To cure low blood pressure you can also opt for coffee as it is having a vaso constrictor effect and help in raising the low blood pressure. Take one to two cup of dark coffee to maintain the blood pressure.
6). Increase Water consumption
Sometimes in some people Dehydration (deficiency of water in body) is the main cause of low blood pressure so to avoid low blood pressure because of dehydration you should consume at least 8-10 glass of water. You can also fulfil water requirement in the body by the intake of water in the form of juices.
7). Beetroot
The raw juice of beet-root is extremely helpful in increasing the low blood pressure can be cured by the regular intake of a cup of raw beet-root juice twice a day. Try this remedy for one week and see the results.
8). Holy Basil Leaves
This is a traditional and effective home remedy to cure low blood pressure. Crush 10-15 leaves of holy basil or Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and then squeeze the juice of the leaves and mix this juice with one teaspoon of honey and take it regularly in the empty stomach every morning.
9). Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is also a main cause of low blood pressure in the alcoholic persons because alcohol cause dehydration to the body and dehydration leads to low blood pressure. Avoid alcohol consumption and JUST TAKE OTHER FLUIDS LIKE WATER AT THE PLACE OF THIS and have normal blood pressure.
10). Slowly rise from one position to other
Sudden changes in body position may cause dizziness in people with low blood pressure. As you get up in the morning then get up by taking side and sit for two minutes before standing. This will help in preventing the dizziness by improving the blood circulation to the heart.
11). Have a Healthy and adequate Diet
A balanced diet can be helpful in getting rid of low blood pressure. Make sure that your body is getting all the required nutrients. Lack of proper nutrients can cause low blood pressure. Have a diet that contains whole grains, fruits, lean chicken, fish and vegetables and decrease the intake of carbohydrate rich food such as rice, potato, bread, pasta etc.
12). Have frequent Meals
After having a heavy meal there can be chances of postparandial low blood pressure so to avoid these take small frequent meals instead of having three large meals. After the meals more blood is circulated to gastrointestinal tract this will result in reduced blood supply to the heart and the brain causing dizziness.