HAIR CARE TIPS FOR WOMEN TO HAVE LONG HAIRS - How to Grow Long Hair by using Home remedies

tips for long hairHaving long and thick hairs is one of the dreams of every woman as the hairs are a part of their personality. Having long, thick and healthy hairs is very important for a girl as there are various hairstyles that suit only the thick & long hairs. 

Our face, as well as our personality, looks better when we are having good hairs and the hairstyle.

Many of the girls can’t enjoy various hairstyles because of their short & thin hairs so for such girls we are providing some of the home care tips which can help in hair growth. These home tips can help in encouraging the fast hair growth as well as the thick & shiny hairs. These home health care remedies for thick and long hairs are mentioned as below:

5 Hair Care Tips For Long Hairs
HOT OIL MASSAGE: Massaging the hairs with the growth oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil etc. can help u a lot in growing hairs at a faster speed. 
It is not necessary to oil your hairs every day; you can oil your hairs one or two hours before washing the hairs. Oiling hairs regularly with a hot oil provides them nutrition, vitamins etc. which lead to healthy & shiny hairs. 
Massaging the hairs with hot oil also improves the circulation to the roots of hairs & helps in the growth of hairs at a faster speed.
HEALTHY DIET: If you are dreaming about the long hairs then it is very important to take care of your diet and always have a fresh & healthy diet. 
Only healthy diet is most guaranteed health tip which can help you to have the long hairs. A good healthy diet keeps the hairs healthy and the healthy hairs automatically grow in length as well as in the volume and give them a shiny appearance. 
Having unhealthy, stale food gives your skin & hairs the unhealthy oils that damage it and it is very hard for the damaged hairs to grow. 
A healthy diet for the good hair growth consists of yogurts, carrots, broccoli, fruits, nuts, whole grains & all the green vegetables. 
Having a healthy diet positively helps you in having the long & thick hairs.
VITAMINS: Vitamins are very essential for hair growth, these help in growing your hairs at a faster speed. 
Vitamins are the essential nutrients for the hairs and you can get the essential vitamins from the healthy food as well as you can have the vitamin supplements. 
You can take folic acid tablets and biotin hair growth at a daily base for growing your hairs at a faster speed. Vitamin A, E & C are very helpful for smooth, silky & long hairs. 
Here the important thing is to consult your doctor before attempting these supplements.
USE OF ONION: Another home remedy as wall the home tip for the long hairs is to use the food item onion which is available in every home. 
Onion helps the hairs to grow longer & thicker by preventing the split ends which are a main cause for the stoppage of hair growth. 
For the long hairs firstly boil 4 cloves of garlic, 2 pieces of cinnamon & one red onion then cool this mixture & apply this regularly just before washing the hairs & then after waiting for 20 minutes wash them with luke warm water. 
Here the essential thing is not to use this home tip if you are using any hair dying product as the onion acts as a bleaching agent.
POTATO: Now the next home remedy for the hair growth is the application of potato. You will be thinking how a potato can help in growing the hairs; yes the application of potato on hairs gives the amazing results in growing the hairs at a faster speed. 
For this extract the juice of three potatoes in a juicer and add an egg yolk, one spoon honey & a little bit of water. 
Then apply this mixture on your scalp and wait minimum 30 minutes until it dry, then wash your hairs with the Luke warm water. Apply this health home tip once a week for the months until you are having the better results.
Practicing these home remedies can help you a lot in having long hairs if you use them on a regular base. These home tips are very safe as they do not cause harm to the hairs as the other readymade hair products do. 

So just apply these and enjoy the long, healthy, shiny hairs & add a star to your personality.
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