HEALTH CARE TIPS TO GET RID OF DARK UNDERARMS : 10 Skin Care Tips to Remove Dark Underarms

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms
Having dark underarms than the other body parts coloration is very embarrassing for someone. If you want to get rid of this then firstly you should have knowledge that why these occur and what are the wrong practices which cause them. So here are some wrong practices which cause them:
1). Shaving the underarms area is the main caget rid of dark underarmsuse of underarms darkening. Underarms hairs are thicker, coarser and generally darker than the other body parts hairs but after shaving the armpit area the small stalks (hairs) which are left under the surface of skin are much more in number & are much harder. Over prolonged habit of shaving the underarm skin becomes dark because of the hairs that are left.
2). Using too much creams, lotions, deodorants on your underarms is also the main cause of the underarms darkening, this is because of the chemicals that are used in the preparation of these products. Using the products that contains the alcohol & other chemicals cause the skin allergy; in response to this our body initiates the immune system to protect the body cells which leads to the defence mechanism. Because of this defence mechanism the skin becomes more thickened (hyperkeratosis) & hyper pigmented. So avoiding these products can help you in preventing skin darkening.
* There are various topical creams & ointments that are used widely to treat the underarms darkening. These creams or lotions inhibit (stop) the melanin production; melanin is the pigment that causes the skin darkening, so inhibiting this pigment can prevents the underarms darkening.
* Using various chemical peels that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) are commonly used to treat the underarms these peel offs peel the darkened upper layer of the skin leaving the underneath brighten skin.
* LASER therapy is also effective in removing the outer damaged layer of the skin leaving the underneath brighten skin.
There are various simple home remedies that you can use in your home settings very easily. There are many products that can help in treating the underarm darkness & they are easily available at your home. 

The main significance of these home remedies is that these are easily available, affordable & are cost-effective but for the better result, you have to use these home tips regularly as these take some time for better results. These are as follows:

1st Tips: POTATO USE: Scrubbing the armpit area with a thin slice of potato is very much effective in treating the dark underarms. Potato acts as a bleaching agent because of its mild acidity & helps in getting rid of dark armpits. Applying the potato juice is also effective, apply the potato juice &after drying wash it with lukewarm water. Frequently repeat this home tip to get rid of underarms darkness & see the results with your own eyes.

2nd Tips: APPLE USE: Using mashed apple to the affected area is also effective in treating the underarms darkness. As apple is the main source of AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) so helps in (exfoliating) removing the upper damaged layer of the skin. Using this home tip frequently can help in lightening the skin within few days.

3rd Tips: LEMON USE: Applying the lemon juice to the affected area is also useful home tip to get rid of dark armpit. Lemon has the same acidic property as that of potato and helps in removing the damaged, dark upper layer of the skin, but the acidic property of the lemon is more than that of potato so always use a moisturizer to prevent the dryness. You can also use the lemon juice with turmeric paste to the affected area for the better result.

4th Tips: CUCUMBER USE: Cucumber because of its natural bleaching agent can be used to remove the darkness of underarms. You can use cucumber slices &rub on the affected surface for the effective result.

5th Tips: COCONUT OIL: massage the coconut oil on the area for 10 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water. Coconut oil is very much effective in removing the darkness of the underarms because it contains high vitamin E content.

6th Tips: BAKING SODA: Apply a thick paste of baking soda mixed with water then after drying wash the area with lukewarm water. This remedy helps to remove the dead skin, opens the skin pores & lighten the skin.

7th Tips: VINEGAR: vinegar has anti bacterial & lightening property that’s why it can be used to kill the smell producing bacteria or germs. Apply the thick paste of vinegar & rice flour to the affected area & after drying wash it with lukewarm water. Frequently use this remedy for the effective use.

8th Tips: SANDALWOOD: Apply the thick paste of sandalwood & rosewater then wait for few minutes before washing it with cold water. Sandalwood is very effective & gives quick results if it is used on the regular basis.

9th Tips: YOGURT: Yogurt can be used to kill the germs or lighten the skin by removing the dead the cells. Using this remedy on the regular basis can be beneficial for removing the darkness of underarms.

10th Tips: HONEY: Apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area & then wait for its effective sticking to the area & after it dries wash it with lukewarm water. Honey is having anti bacterial, soothing & lightening property that’s why it is used most commonly.

By using all the above home skincare tips you can get rid of dark underarms. These remedied are easily available, affordable & cost effective. For the better results you have to work hard & use these regularly. These methods are really helpful in getting rid of the dark underarms without any side effect.