September 9, 2013


baby care tipsIn the Last Health informative article we discussed about the various benefits of Breast feeding and how essential and useful is breast feeding for a child and to her mother. If you want to check out our previous article on women health education on “What is Breast Feeding and Various Benefits of Breast Milk” then you can CLICK HERE. Now in this Health care awareness article we are sharing some essential Health caring tips that a mother should take care during the breast feeding of their baby.


1). After normal delivery first breast feed should be started with in one to half an hour after delivery, in caesarean delivery first breast feed should be started with-in four to six hours of delivery.

2). Mother should give breast feed to baby every two hourly & it should be demand based according to the need of baby.

3). After each breast feed burp the baby by taking him/her at your shoulder & by massaging the back of baby.

4). The duration of each breast feed should be 5-10 minutes from each breast; this will helps the baby to get both the fore as well as hind milk. Fore milk is the milk which is secreted at the starting of breast feeding & is rich in the proteins, vitamins & minerals. Hind milk is the milk which is secreted at the end of breast feeding & is rich in the fat & energy, so it is very important for the mother to breast feed her baby completely from one breast so that the baby completely empty the breast & get the both hind as well as fore milk.

5). Every time mother should breast feed the baby from alternate breast.

6). After each breast feed baby should be placed on right side this will help in the prevention of regurgitation.

7). Mother should continued exclusive breast feeding up to 6 months of age. The baby should be given only the breast milk and nothing else, not even water for 6 months of age.

8). Complementary feeding to the child should be started after the six months of age but breast feeding should be continued up to 2 years of age or beyond it.

9). Mother should maintain her hygiene, she should take bath daily & wash her breast & wear clean blouse & brassiere to prevent diarrhea etc.

10). Majority of the mothers can successfully breast feed their baby but some mothers specially the first time mothers having problems in breast feeding their baby so It is very important for the mother to correctly breast feed her baby by using the correct technique.

 Health information on How a mother can correctly breast feed the baby:

Before giving the breast feed mother should be completely relaxed both the physically as well as mentally & should not have any due work to do. Baby should be clean & dry so that the baby can feel comfortable during breast feeding.

Mother should be in the correct positioning for the successful breast feeding. Mother can be in sitting or side lying down position.

Baby should be well supported by the mother. Baby should be in mother’s fore arm and the head of the baby should be elevated (slightly up).

Baby’s head, neck & back should be in one straight line for effective breast feeding.

Baby should be close to mother & the baby’s trunk should be in touch with mother’s trunk & facing towards the breast.

The chin of Baby’s should touch the mother’s breast and cheek should touch mother’s nipple.

Baby’s mouth should be wide opened & whole of the black part of the breast should be in the baby’s mouth.

Lower lip of the baby should be turned outward & the baby’s nose should not be pressed.

Mother should hear the sound of baby’s swallowing.

If the baby falls asleep after few sucks then mother should arouse the baby by gentle tap behind the ear or by tapping on the sole of foot.

Mother should feed completely from one breast to provide full nutrition to the baby.

Mother should feed alternatively from both breasts to have the maximum benefit of breast feeding.

Mother should burp the baby after each feed.

By following all these health care tips a mother can benefit her baby maximally by breast feeding & can help in the proper growth & development of the baby as the mother’s breast milk is precious for the baby.

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