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How homeopathy helps in menopause?

Menopause Means when the Menses (period) of a Women Stopped suddenly…

Health education on MenopauseTHERE is often a fear in the minds of women about menopause. Many misconceptions are prevalent about this natural event in the life of a woman. It is important to understand what menopause is and why it happens. The literal meaning of the word is pause or cessation of menses. Menopause is a natural, physiological and perfectly normal event in a woman's life, so there is no need to worry because It is not a disease. It just signals the end of the fertile period in a woman. It usually happens in the early fifties to early sixties but some women may experience it earlier too.
The process: The ovaries contain millions of eggs at the time of birth. These eggs die as the age progresses. Only a fraction of these eggs remain when a woman reaches her fifties(50 Years). Moreover, the ovaries become resistant to the effect of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), the hormone responsible for the occurrence of ovulation. The hormone oestrogen that is produced primarily by the ovaries has many roles in the functioning of blood vessels, the heart, the breasts and the uterus. At the time of menopause the ovaries stop the producing oestrogen. Reduction in the oestrogen levels in the body is responsible for a large number of symptoms that occur during and after menopause.

The most common symptoms are mood swings, hot flashes, palpitation and anxiety, bouts of perspiration, headache, sleeplessness and irritability. Most of these symptoms occur because of the deficiency of oestrogen. Oestrogen is known to protect the body from coronary artery disease and brain strokes. That is why the incidence of heart disease and brain stroke is less in premenopausal women as compared to men. After menopause this protection is lost and the incidence of these diseases increases in women manifold. Bone density is also reduced much faster after menopause in women vis-à-vis men of a similar age and osteoporosis becomes more common. Lining of the vaginal wall atrophies and the mucous production is reduced causing dryness in the vagina. This leads to pain during intercourse and also frequent infections.
Diet and supplement Soya products have been found to alleviate heat flashes and perspiration as it contains high levels of phytoestrogen, also known as 'plant oestrogen'. To pre-vent loss in bone density, calcium intake, whether in form of diet as found in milk and yoghurt, or as supplements, is helpful.

Role of homoeopathy
Homoeopathic medicines are made from highly-diluted natural substances. These do not contain any synthetic hormones and are perfectly safe for the treatment of symptoms associated with menopause. Homoeopathic medicines like Lachesis, Sepia, Sulphur and Pulsatilla are often used for the treatment of the symptoms being experienced by menopausal women. These medicines are highly effective in curing all problems that occur during the menopausal period. It is pertinent to mention here that all medicines mentioned above need the expert supervision of an experienced doctor and do not afford any chance of self medication.
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By: Dr. Harsh Sharma
Sources: News Paper and books.