breast cancer We are going to gives you the Medical Health Education on Breast Self Examination. In this post, we will let you know how you can examine your breast to check that you have breast cancer or not. In our previous articles on Breast Cancer Education, we discussed what is breast Cancer and Various Risk Factors and Symptoms. We hope that you read out those articles as well but if you did not read those articles, we are suggesting you read those articles before reading this one. You can access those articles by CLICK HERE.

Breast self-examination (BSE) is a very helpful method to detect any breast abnormality if it is done on a regular basis. Detecting breast cancer at its earlier stages is very important to seek the medical treatment as soon as possible so the main thing is to detect it by oneself own efforts so in this article of Breast Cancer education we are telling you about how to do when to do and who can do. We also use the images with each step given below on breast self-examination for the proper understanding of the viewers.

Menstruating women: A regular menstruating woman should do this exercise after menses (that is day 5 to day 7, by counting the first day of menses as day 1).

Menopausal women: Women who have stopped menses known as Menopausal women. A menopausal woman should fix a date of every month and should do it on that date.

STEP(1)breast self examination

Stand in front of your mirror and observe for any discharge from the breast, any dimpling of the breast tissue.
Observe the both breasts carefully to observe the change in the shape, size & symmetry of the breast.
Look at the image shown with this step.


breast self examination
In this step you have to move your hands to the behind of your head and press your hands to front and then check for any change in the contour of your breast.
Also see for any change in the shape of your breasts from one another.
Take a look on the attaching image with this step for proper understanding.
breast self examination
In this step bow slightly towards the mirror and press your hands on your hips as you pull your shoulder & elbow forward.
Here note any change in the contour of your breast.
Saw the attaching image carefully for proper understanding of this position.
breast self examination
Raise your left arm. Then feel the left armpit with the flat parts of your right hand fingers in a circular motion then proceed feeling firstly to the outer edge of your breast then to the inner part towards nipple.
Pay more attention to the area between the armpit & breast. Feel for any unusual lump or masses in the breast tissue.
Repeat the same for right arm in the same fashion.

breast self examination
In this step lie down on your back with your left hand under your head & keep a pillow under your shoulder. Now repeat the above steps (step-4). Also repeat same for right arm. If you notice any lump or mass in the breast then consult a gynaecologist as early as possible.
By following the above steps you can detect any breast abnormality at early stages. Breast self-examination is very easy, economic & reliable method as one can do it on her own at her home setting &at any time. So it is very important to do this. That’s it about this technique for more related information on Medical Health Education continues your visit.
By: Dr. SL Sharma.