WHAT IS BREAST CANCER?
INTRODUCTION: Breast cancer is a major health problem in the people especially in the elderly women. It is the cancer of breast tissue which developed due to alteration in the genes. A cancer can be defined as the changes that take place in the genes which leads to uncontrolled proliferation (enhancement) of that tissue means too much immature tissue development is there. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develop from the inner milk ducts or the lobules that supply the milk. Various researches shows that breast cancer is more prevalent in developed countries than developing countries and more in the women of high socio economic status. Life expectancy rate depend upon the type, stage, Treatment & self adherence of the patient.

Be Aware: Breast cancer is a type of malignant tumor (can spread from one organ to another) of the breast tissue.

Breast cancer is of different types. The type of breast cancer depends upon the site of cancerous tissue whether it is in the ducts of breast or in the lobules. Mainly it is of following types:

Description of these types is as follow: 1). DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU (DCIS): DCIS is a type of cancer which is limited only to the milk ducts & not spreaded to the surrounding tissues that’s why it is called as “non-invasive cancer”. If it is diagnosed by Mammogram then it is consider as the cancer stage 0. If it is left untreated then it can lead to invasive cancer so early identification & treatment is very much important. 2). INVASIVE CARCINOMA (CANCER): When the caner spread to the surrounding breast tissue then it is called invasive cancer. Depending upon the site of invasion it is of following types:
  • INFILTRATING DUCTAL CARCINOMA: This is the most common type of invasive cancer accounting for approximately for 80% cases. This type of cancer firstly starts in the ducts of the breast then spread to the surrounding tissues. They form a solid irregular mass in the breast.
  • INFILTRATING LOBULAR CARCINOMA: This type of cancer accounts for 10-15% of cases. This type of breast cancer starts in the milk producing glands & then invades the surrounding tissues. This type of cancer that arises as ill defined thickening in the breast.
  • MEDULLARY CARCINOMA: This type of cancer accounts for 5% of breast cancer & arises from the capsule inside the ducts then invades the surrounding tissues.
  • MUCINOUS CARCINOMA: This type accounts for 3% breast cancer cases & mostly occurs in the elderly women. This grows from the mucin producing cancer cells & is slow growing that’s why its prognosis is good.
  • TUBULAR DUCTAL CARCINOMA: This type of cancer accounts for 2% of breast cancer cases & the prognosis of this type is excellent because the chances of invasion are very less.
  • INFLAMMATORY CARCINOMA: This is a peculiar type of breast cancer because the sign & symptoms are very unique. This type of breast cancer is very rare. This is characterized by edema (swelling) & brawny erythema resembling to orange peel. This is caused by the malignant cells blocking the lymph channels in the skin.
  • PAGET’SDISEASE: This accounts for 1% of cases. This is similar as ductal carcinoma of nipple but can invade to surrounding tissues. This is characterized by scaly, erythematous, pruritic (pus) lesions of the nipple.
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