HEALTH TIPS FOR HAVING WHITE TEETHEvery one of us wants to have White and healthy teeth. So our Tricky Health team decide to share some home remedies for having whiteness in your teeth. A proper health care of teeth leads to have healthy and strong teeth.

All these Home remedies are very simple to perform at home to make your teeth more white naturally. So check out this post very carefully and implement these home remedies for having white teeth instead of yellow.

1). Eating Strawberries Leads to White Teeth: This Home remedy is very simple to perform at home. You have to take few strawberries and mash them properly. After mashing you have to brushing them properly on your teeth. You have to perform this health care tips once or twice in a week which can show you some magical results.

2). Flossing on Daily Basis Leads to White Teeth: Flossing of the teeth on daily basis is much more important than of brushing of your teeth. So you should make flossing as your daily routine. A Proper flossing of your teeth leads to the removal of plaque and food particles where your toothbrush cannot reach easily.

3). A Mixture of Baking Soda & Lemon: If you have yellow teeth we suggest you that you should brush your teeth with the mixture of banking soda & Lemon once in a week and see the magical results within few days.

4).Drinking of Green Tea Leads to have Decay free Teeth: Green tea has many benefits one of them is that it removes the Tooth Decay. Fluoride is a substance which resides inside the Green Tea which as a result helps in maintaining strong, cavity-free teeth. One more benefits is that green tea kill off the germs and viruses which causes throat infections, and even eliminate bad breath.

Important Note: For whitening of your teeth you should avoid the drinks that can cause serious damage to your teeth. Such type of drinks are hot tea, soda, coffee and as well as wine. We advised you that if you drink such type of beverage you should properly brush your teeth after drinking these beverages.

I hope that you surly enjoy this health care article while reading it. That’s all about these Home remedies for having White Teeth. Be continuing with Tricky Health Education for more health tips and various Home remedies.


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